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Noda is an all-in-one 100% software solution for dialog marketing / in-house contact centers

Providing outstanding services since 2001
Over 300 installations up and running
Honorable mention in Gartner ‘Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, Worldwide’ for the third time in a row, since 2015

for up
to 5000 agents




All-in-one solution

Every feature you need
in the single product


Software IP PBX and Softswitch developed by Noda
— Up to 5000 agents
— Scaling by simple increase
of the number of servers
— Built-in module for load balancing
— High reliability achieved by use
of hot backup

Agent scripting

Conversation scripts with all necessary information upload automatically to agents’ softphones

Complete with programming-free, drag-and-drop graphic designer for convenient setting up of conversation scripts


Multi-channel IP phone:
— Answering, managing,transferring calls
— Creating conferences
— Agent status management
— Integration with external systems
— Windows, MacOS, Linux compatible


A programming-free subsystem for campaign preparations and ongoing campaign support
— Fully functional, cross-browser interface
— Single-window interface for setting and managing campaigns

Call recording

— Full or selective recording of all conversations
— Filtering (by different criteria) and an easy-to-use tool for call search
— Support of PCI DSS standard requirements
— Archiving and control of record access rights


— Combined statistics, aggregating data from telephony and business systems in a single report
— Consolidated reports for all contact channels
— More than 40 built-in ready to use reports
— Web interface access to reports

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Support for IVR menus of any complexity level:
— Support for DTMF
— Built-in, drag-and-drop visual IVR script builder
— Set of built-in reports for analyzing IVR usage


Wide range of program interfaces for external system integration (web services, SQL-requests, XML-RPC)
— Use of IVR scripts interacting with external systems
— External systems’ web interfaces incorporated into agent’s softphone
— Use of data from external systems in agent scripts
— Call results are automatically exported

Quality Management

— Customizable project quality standards
— Automatic evaluation for all calls
— Manual call evaluation for selected calls
— KPI setup at the agent and project level


— Every channel is possible: voice, email, web-chat, SMS, Skype, fax, web call, messengers, social media, Watsapp
— Single queue combining all channels for interaction with clients, complete with possibility to assign priorities to each channel
— Single history log for all interactions with clients across all channels


— Any type of campaigning supported: progressive, predictive, outbound IVR, preview
— Configurable call sequence: random, by time zone, by priority, by number of attempts
— Fax and answering machine recognition
— Call lists loading and processing including double entries check
— Postponed calls (until time that is convenient to the client)
— Manual and automatic task list importing

Workforce Management (WFM)

Agent management in a contact center
— Various forecasting approaches
— Schedule planning under preset rules
— Possibility for shift time amendment
— Online schedule control, text message notifications
— Full reporting
— Mobile application for quick solving of operational issues
— Support for distributed contact centers

Support for all call distribution policies

— Smart routing, based on information from external systems
— Skill-based routing and distribution
— Agent can participate in multiple projects
— Call back option


Support of multiple channels of interaction between agents and clients

Voice calls
Calls from the site
Facebook integration (news feed + IM)
A single service
queue for all contact
One agent can work
on several channels simultaneously (inbound, outbound, voice / chat / email / text messaging, etc.)
An integrated history
of interaction with a client
over all the channels
Same tools for setting
up service scripts
for all connection
Call from site, allowing additional info transfer
(what page the call comes
from, user id, etc.)
Built-in reports across
all the channels

Pay per use

Noda compliments classic licensing model with the pay per use model. There is no need now to invest a substantial amount of money in software all at once. The total cost is determined monthly on the basis of the number of users at peak moments

Implementing of such an approach gives a chance to decrease or totally remove the input threshold of necessary expenses. From the standpoint of financial management it converts necessary investments into operational expenditures, with many positive results.
Pay per use solution is also applicable for both hosted and on-premises installations.


Upgrade: saving investments, and decreasing operational expenses Scaling up? In need of new up-to-day features? Or just interested in saving operational costs? Consider trade-in model with Noda, which allows resolving of all the problems simultaneously.

How does the migration work?

Our program includes a step-by-step transition from the existing system to Noda, avoiding any service interruption of the contact center
Optimize your infrastructure expenses and use your existing equipment to start Noda Contact Center
Our platform seamlessly integrates with other business applications, making setting up of the Noda Contact Center in your existing software environment hassle-free

Trade-in financial offer: lowering the entrance threshold!

Up to 60% discount for licenses when you switch to Noda form other solutions
A possibility of service payment model (as opposed to investment model). Licenses and services can paid for on monthly basis

Saving money on infrastructure

No special hardware
or software requirements

Implementation of any information system requires buying special hardware and system software. But with Noda you may choose which equipment and software to use. Noda even runs on Linux and open source software. You don’t need to buy hard phones or branded special equipment. All you need to get started is Noda, a computer, headphones, an Intel server, and internet connection.

 Proprietary Open source
Server Operating Systems Red Hat Enterprise Linux Oracle Linux
Desktop Operating Systems MS Windows, Mac OS X Ubuntu
Database Oracle Database PostgreSQL

of charge

Proof of Concept (POC) allows our customers to make the most educated decisions.
We are offering free of charge POC for up to 1 month. It is a fully fledged installation of Noda system, tuned according to the customer’s real needs and business processes.
For the duration of POC period we can offer the necessary server and communications equipment for up to 20 agents.

POC allows our customers to be sure that by implementing Noda they are getting exactly those features and possibilities they are looking for.

Single window

Noda Contact Center features a single window approach. All the information that the agent might need is integrated in the same screen: the softphone, call status, contact list — and all the external applications


Full client profile is uploaded automatically, as collected from all external data sources (ABS, billing, CRM, service desk, etc.)
Chronological client interaction history that provides an understanding of call reasons and helps find the best solutions
Contact context saved and handed off when calls are passed on to another specialist
Ease of incorporating frames from other web systems into conversation scripts
Bilateral interaction with external systems (data requests, sending information to the right systems)
Asynchronous interaction with external systems

Applicable for home offices and remote agents

Agents that are working remotely from home offices need software solutions that don’t require installation, allowing to get an immediate access to the system and start working.

Exactly for the case Noda offers a special Web interface version of the agent’s integrated workplace. This solution includes an integrated softphone, built with WebRTC technology, and allowing seamless connection of remote agents to the technological working scheme of the call center.
Press the button and start working.

Comprehensive reporting and statistics

Combined statistics

Combined statistics are the next step in understanding calls. The standard metrics calculated using telephony statistics (AHT, AWT, CPA, transfer rate, FCR, etc.) are supplemented by a select set of accompanying parameters: contact topic, client type, industry segment, region, company size, reason for refusing a purchase or offer, and more

Inquiry subject + Average Handling Time,
transfer rate, handling time
= Noda’s compound
Reports like this make it easy to evaluate effectiveness as well as the cost of processing contacts for each individual topic.
Even beyond that, managers quickly see which topics are the most labor-intensive, what the reference time for processing should be, which inquiries could feasibly be handled by the IVR, and much more.

This is an example of how the screen of Noda 6.1 combined statistics may look like:

Integrated statistics for all communication channels

All communication processing statistics are collected not only for voice calls, but for other channels as well (email, web chat, text, SMS…)

Advanced and flexible reporting system

Noda Contact Center comes with all the necessary reports pre-installed, while users can also create their own or upload data to external OLAP systems. The system additionally provides the ability to incorporate links to recorded conversation into any report. Managers and supervisors of the contact center will be provided with a possibility to automatically calculate FCR (first call resolution), as well as automatically calculate processing quality ratings for all calls (according to the preset standards).

Powerful scripting model

Your agents will not forget what to say, when to say it, or when to send out standard offers. Conversation scripts that contain all the necessary information will open when agents receive calls

Drag-and-drop graphic designer, allowing powerful scripts to be set up in under 20 minutes
On-screen prompts
Agents learn faster
Script automatically uploads to the agent’s softphone
IVR choices determine what script is uploaded
Fast monitoring of conversation faults

Call recording and Quality Assurance

Full or selective recording of all conversations
Support for PCI DSS standard requirements
Complete periodical evaluation of agents
Filtering (by different criteria) and an easy to use call search tool
Automatic evaluation for all calls
Manual call evaluation for selected calls

Workforce Management (WFM)

Forming shifts in call center is a huge everyday task. Assignment of personnel to shifts depends on the predicted load and the existing rules, and also takes into account everybody’s personal wishes. It should also allow for managing accidental events (load increase/decrease, agents’ illnesses, changes of agents’ plans, etc.) Automation of this job saves money and effort, and is a real necessity in each mid-sized and large call center.

Workforce Management module is an integrated part of Noda Contact Center, but it can also be implemented separately, and also integrated with other major telecommunication platforms

Main advantages of Noda WFM:

Fully functional industrial solution
Shifts are formed along local legal norms
A system for assigning agents to extra shifts, allowing an easier planning
A mobile application for agents

Functionality of Noda WFM

Load prediction

The system offers four methods of predicting: entire week, planned week, trend construction, and value at risk (VaR). When the current load changes, the system makes modifications in real time, making the planning process more flexible.


Everything is managed via an online monitoring panel that is set up without programmer assistance. Every manager can set up
any their own set of displayed fields.


Agent skills, particular shift needs, rotations, individual work rules, processing standards, and current legislation are all taken into account. Multi-skill planning
is also possible.


The system offers a convenient set of tools for producing reports on worktime load. These reports can be downloaded into any external systems, including MS Excel standard. Reports can be amended online. The online monitoring panel can be switched into compact mode, showing only any factual divergence from plan.

Mobile application

With this application managers can quickly respond to any unforeseen circumstances in shifts’ work. Agents can post claims for work schedule changes from their smartphones. All claims are immediately summed at the planner’s application. After meeting all necessary terms, the roster automatically shows changes.

WFM planner can create additional shifts when necessary. The system will send push-notifications to all the
necessary agents. With their smartphones, agents can accept or decline offers for the additional shifts.

Training and tech support

Noda regularly holds evening, distance, and electronic courses for agents, supervisors, production engineers, and system administrators.
SoftBCom Berlin GmbH provides technical support for Noda customers. This means that the majority of possible issues can be resolved promptly.
In those rare cases when SoftBCom’s specialists are not able to resolve an incident, Noda’s highly skilled engineers and developers will come to help.