We have extensive experience in various areas of IT infrastructure;
however, in some of them we maintain special relationships with the developers.
Below are presented some of our major business partners.

Noda Contact Center combines the wide array of functionality essential to a modern contact center solution with scalability that can reach 5000 operators. Its main features are: full omni channel, automatic call distribution (ACD), outbound campaigns with predictive and progressive connection modes, IVR, quality assurance, reporting, agent scripts, conversation recordings,  an integrated softphone, operator load management, and advanced multichannel services.

In 2015 the solution has first received the honorable mention in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Call Center Infrastructure, Worldwide, and stays there for the third year in a row.

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Loway is the Swiss company that produces software for call centers built on Asterisk IP PBX, which is a well-known open source solution. A smart combination of Asterisk and Loway’s QueueMetrics allows building super effective call centers that are inexpensive and pay off quickly (affordable even to small businesses). Another important Loway’s tool is WombatDialer, a program designed to facilitate outbound campaigning. It allows to improve efficiency significantly, and to reduce operator labour expenses, while at the same time improving overall quality of call center management.

Presently, development of communication systems for businesses and IT infrastructure projects are our fastest-growing business direction.

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Pascom is a German company that develops and sells a VoIP phone system of the same name (previously known as mobydick). Based on Asterisk, the program boasts an extensive list of user and management functions. Its user panel and built-in softphone (allowing clients to make audio and video calls), along with the user-friedly administration interface and an affordable price, have proven enticing for more than a thousand companies in many countries. The company has been around for fifteen years, and is a VoIP system leader in the small and medium-sized business segment.

More about Pascom: here

Originated by Russian developers, this CRM system is fast gaining popularity around the world. It is focused on supporting sales by automating the sales and marketing business processes. A few hours are all it takes to implement this cloud-based system, it may be run on a wide range of mobile devices, and provides possibilities for integration with a variety of other apps and communication systems.

VMware is the undisputed global leader in virtualization. Our company is an expert in VMware products and uses them extensively in infrastructural projects, as well as for purposes of emulating and testing in our own laboratory.

Webim is a multifunctional cloud service (offered by an eponymous company) you can use to chat with your clients. It helps reel in sales, hold onto clients, and boost customer service quality, all while streamlining support costs, accelerating the client conversion process, and ultimately raising your bottom line. Other pluses it offers are easy integration with other services, support for mobile devices,the ability to customize on-screen forms, and strong logic for interacting withother apps.

We have been working with the product of the same name for over 10 years (now called Precise, previously Symantec I3, before that VERITAS I3, yet earlier – Precise again…). Truly, the company holds a special place among our partners. This unique system allows maximizing the performance of large and complex database installations, in application systems such as OEBS, SAP, Siebel, and in multi-level solutions.

We have implemented a number of major projects for deployment and maintenance of Precise. In terms of volume, the most significant is the project for the steel giant Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works.

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ContentKeeper is the Australian company specializing in security, protection against Internet threats and content filtering. We have been cooperating with it for many years, developing a deep knowledge of its web security and data access management solutions.

ContentKeeper smartly solves the major issues related to safe Internet use (also in educational institutions).

Veritas is one of the global IT champions. Previously a part of Symantec, it became an independent company in 2015. One of its most important businesses is building infrastructural solutions for data processing. SoftBCom has extensive expertise in data archiving (Enterprise Vault), storage management (Storage Foundation), Backup and Recovery (Backup Exec / Net Backup) and data continuity (Veritas Cluster).