Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) is one of the world’s largest steel producers and a leader in the Russian ferrous metal industry.

SoftBCom has partnered with MMK for the past nine years as a system integrator, over which time we have implemented and supported a number of major infrastructure projects.

Among those projects is the largest active application performance management solution in Russia. Built on Precise, it monitors Oracle Enterprise Business Suite as well as several other private Oracle and Sybase installations.

In 2009 we implemented Symantec Enterprise Vault at MMK, making it the largest installation in Russia at the time. The email archiving system includes a cluster of servers that handle the archiving itself and seamlessly integrate the archive into the email system, something that streamlines costs even while maintaining high-speed access to archived information.

In 2012 SoftBCom upgraded MMK’s access control system using Symantec Storage Foundation/HA for Windows. The solution we introduced, which included a fault-tolerant cluster with database replication between cluster nodes, was brought online quickly thanks to our modeling methodology and ability to test remotely.

The Martinex Group is a leader in the fields of therapeutic cosmetology and aesthetic medicine in Russia and a number of other countries.

In 2012-2013 we handled a project that included the implementation of an integrated IP telephony system on a fault-tolerant virtual platform we deployed specially for that situation. We also set up an IPsec VPN connection for the Group’s many offices and daughter companies, and continue developing the system to this day.

The Martinex call center is equipped with QueueMetrics, a monitoring system, and we also developed a survey platform called PLASST-Com.  An application system, it offers support for incoming calls and statistics reports after the fact.

The set of solutions designed to deliver fault tolerance and reliability for Martinex includes backup for internet providers complete with automatic switching, a fault-tolerant system of connections between Asterisk and the firewall cluster, monitoring, notifications about abnormal occurrences, and more. It is a complex structure that is critical to the Group’s business, and we continue to offer technical support to this day.

“This project came up because the proprietary IP telephony system we were using left us up a creek without a paddle: expanding its functionality and number base would have greatly exceeded our budget,” said Dmitriy Chetyrin, CIO at Martinex.

“The complex approach SoftBCom took went through a fairly long and detailed development process, during which laid out everything we needed and agreed to everything in advance. That went beyond simply building an IP telephony system based on open source software to also include introducing significant upgrades for our business and IT infrastructure. They developed and implemented contact center software, built reliable VPN channels, and left us with a number of components and procedures that let us do business with less down time than ever.

“The new system’s superior reliability even made it possible to offer a wider range of services without being forced to expand our workforce. SoftBCom continues to provide us with technical support as ourtechnical partner.”
From the press release

Linline is a chain of over 30 clinics offering aesthetic medicine and laser cosmetology in more than 20 Russian cities, Kiev, Barcelona and Paris.

SoftBCom specialists worked closely with Linline to build an IP telephony system, roll out a call center with advanced functionality,  integrate an application system, and implement monitoring via a third-party data center.

“…the system is reliable and functions exactly as planned. Even more than that, however, it is highly flexible and lets us easily implement new solutions and expand the functionality we enjoy as the company’s needs grow. Two things I have been happy to see in particular are the system’s stability and the great audio quality we’ve gotten. We received everything we needed and hoped for, all while staying within our budget. In short, we are completely satisfied with SoftBCom, their professionalism, and the care they show to meet our requirements.”
Dmitry Zaytsev, IT Director