WhatsApp Integration in Client Servicing: Increasing Your Productivity and Improving Client Satisfaction

Date: October 16, 2019. Time: 15:00 CET

WhatsApp, the messenger that is extremely popular around the world, has recently started to provide API interface for integration with corporate systems for client servicing. Now WhatsApp can be used as one of the customer interaction channels in a usual contact center.

In our webinar we’ll discuss how this channel might help a contact center to increase own effectivity and customer satisfaction, and also how to implemented it fast, at no risk and without significant expenses.

  • WhatsApp is a very popular channel with huge customer base.
  • Flexibility and Speed => Effectivity. User groups, message templates, dialog automation possibilities and other features allowing to increase agents’ effectivity manifold.
  • Ease of use and Speed => Customer satisfaction.
  • Reliability and GDPR compliance: data security and compliance with the legal demands.
  • Accessibility and ease of implementation, zero benchmark expenses: can be tested tomorrow!

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Sergej Botschkarev

Sergej Botschkarev

Job Position

• Has been working with SoftBCom since 2018; his responsibilities include expanding the company’s sales in Europe.
• Engaged in sales of contact center and communication solutions since 2015.
• Sergej is always busy with improvement of touchpoint management from the customers’ perspective.